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One Day One Life - The Art Of Transformation Stacking

Glenn Lovelace

Are you a man between the ages of 35 and 45 & looking to create an energizing transformation in your health, your relationships or possibly your finances? Many of my clients have watched their wife recently transform from coaching and they're noticing, that as men, they're wanting to have a similar experience but perhaps in a more manly process. We're going to cover how easy it can be to create progress in your life again, One Day at a time...It's easy these days to get stuck, constantly feel exhausted and lose our drive. Most of you have worked tirelessly to create your success and I'm inviting you to get uncomfortable again.If your wife has created a powerful transformation there's a high probability that this has created some disconnect in your marriage, perhaps you're confused, losing some confidence as she has changed and you might even be worried that you're becoming the new problem.This Podcast is designed to help you have your own energizing transformation. I know you want it all - and all is more than six pack abs and big paydays...The Art of Transforming and Stacking Transformations is your ticket to getting where you're wanting to go next.Let's Get To It...